Properties - Guests Only

Basic things to know about
Property Information for Guests.

Classic Trak-It Guest Property Forms

lOGIN using an ID of: guest and a password of: password

  • Shown below are 6actual screens you will use.
  • There are four (6) tabs at the top you can click your mouse on for information. The Properties, Property Details, Property Picture, Manager Note (can not be viewed by a guest user), Adverting and Disclosures Tasks..
  • Records can not be added, deleted or edited when used by a guest unless the system administrator has given the guest user permission.
  • This is a great feature on a network where an agent at their desk, reception desk, bull pen or front desk can view or locate all properties in the system. When they find a property to suits their clients needs, simply print the report desired.
  • The very top of the screen will always show you what property the information is for.

    Property List page - First graphic sample.

  • There are 6 columns: Property Address, City, List Price, SQFT, Bedrooms and Baths.
  • At the top of the form there are 5 check boxes. By using your mouse and clicking on each option, you will see a list of properties that only qualify for the selection made.
  • Notice that on Asc > Property Address there is Asc > for Ascending order. You can click on Asc > and change the order to Dsc < Descending order. You can change the order any time you want to.
  • If you click on the Property Address, City, List Price or SQFT, you can then set the sort order to ascending or descending.
  • Look For: Is a great time saving feature when looking for an address or owners name. Which ever column is set for Asc > or Dsc < you can type in the address or owners name and go automatically to that record.
  • At the bottom of the form there are mover buttons to move from one record to another. The Print button is available to print various reports for a selected property.
  • At the bottom right hand corner of the form you can right click to select a form size for your screen.

    Property Details page - Second graphic sample.

  • At the very top of the form the property address, city and listed price are shown.
  • With the E-Mail button send property information via E-Mail to another real estate agent. If not online, message will be placed in the OutLook outbox.
  • You can click the button if connected to the Internet.

  • There are 12 buttons below the features area. Each button and its use are covered in detail from your help menu.

    Property Picture - Third graphic sample.

    Manager Notes - Fourth tab at top of form.

    Can not viewed by a guest user.

  • For security purposes, the guest user can not view any manager notes.
  • The system administrator can give access rights to individual guests or agents to view manager notes.
  • Starting Due Date and Ending Due Date can be for one date or a range of dates with reports #8 and #9.

  • Last Updated: 12/30/08

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