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Basic things to know about
Property Information.

Brokermint LITE Property Forms

  • Where all property information is added or updated. Shown below are 5 actual screens you will use. There are four (4) tabs at the top you can click your mouse on for information. The Property List, Property Details, Manager Notes and Documents Tasks Tab.
  • The very top of the screen will always show you what property the information is for.

    Property List page - First graphic sample.

  • There are 6 columns: Property Address, City, List Price, SQFT, Bedrooms and Baths.
  • At the top of the form there are 5 check boxes. By using your mouse and clicking on each option, you will see a list of properties that only qualify for the selection made.
  • Notice that on Asc > Property Address there is Asc > for Ascending order. You can click on Asc > and change the order to Dsc < Descending order. You can change the order any time you want to.
  • If you click on the Property Address, City, List Price or SQFT, you can then set the sort order to ascending or descending.
  • Look For: Is a great time saving feature when looking for an address or owners name. Which ever column is set for Asc > or Dsc < you can type in the address or owners name and go automatically to that record.
  • At the bottom of the form there are mover buttons to move from one record to another. Also the Print, Delete, Add and OK buttons. When adding a new property record, you will also see a Save and Cancel button.
  • At the bottom right hand corner of the form you can right click to select a form size for your screen.

    Property Details page - Second graphic sample.

  • Use the tab key on your keyboard or your mouse to go from one field to another.
  • Any cyan field you see is a required field when you are adding or changing.
  • At the top of this form you will see 4 check boxes. For Rent/Lease, Listed, Under Contract / In Escrow or Closed. When you check For Rent / Lease or Listed, you will not see HS House Sale or XS Outside Sales check boxes.
  • Listing date, expiration and acceptance date for property. If listing has expired, date field will be red and yellow.
  • Commissions are calculated and split between Listing Sellers Agent and Buyers Agent.
  • When you add a new property, the settings will default to Listed and HL House Listing.
  • Any record can be edited by simply clicking or tab to that field and change the information. You will then have the option of saving or canceling the new information.
  • With the E-Mail button send property information via E-Mail to another real estate agent. If not online, message will be placed in the Microsoft Office OutLook outbox.
  • You can click the button if connected to the Internet.
  • Features can be preview and printed any time by right clicking your mouse button when the pointer is in the feature area of the screen.
  • All due dates for Buyers Agent, Listing Sellers Agent, Coordinator and Escrow/Closing Agent documents are based on the acceptance date.

  • There are 7buttons below the features area. Each button and its use are covered in detail from your help menu.

    Manager Notes - Fourth graphic sample.

  • You can use shortcuts here that you have set up in the Look Ups / Features Code and Text.
  • Click in the comments or note white space and type @tmp. Press the space bar or press the 'Enter Key' on your keyboard for an example.
  • Manager notes are not viewable by a guest user.
    'Print Reports (or) Print Info. & Disclosures' Button - You may preview and print 6 reports by clicking this button.
  • Starting Due Date and Ending Due Date can be for one date or a range of dates.
  • You can E-Mail 6reports using Microsoft Office OutLook direct to any one via E-Mail.

  • Last Updated: 08/26/07

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