Escrow, Title, Attorney or Closing Company

Escrow, Title, Attorney or Closing Company Used for Property.
To change or edit any field, just click the field you want to change with your mouse and start typing, then save or cancel any changes.
  • The very top of the screen will always show you what property the information is for.
  • Escrow (or) Closing company information entered here will be shown (Read Only) at top of the following forms in orange.
    Buyers Agent and Company, Coordinator and Listing Sellers Agent Company forms.

  • Date fields for entering 'Open Date', 'Approximate Close' and 'Closed'. If no Approx. Close Date is entered, due dates are not inserted into the Buyers Agent and Company, Coordinator or Listing Sellers Agent Company forms.
  • The button is used to create a letter to the escrow or closing officer using Microsoft Word.
  • Quick Look Ups for escrow/closing officer and company detail that is automatically entered if data is provided.
  • Send an E-Mail to the escrow/closing officer with the button.
  • If connected to the Internet you can click the button and bring up company web page.
  • The eight (8) command buttons are a great feature for your use.

    With the binoculars button, create your own text or amendments to be automatically inserted into documents or letters. Create letters to the Sellers, Buyers, Listing Sellers Agent or Buyers Agent using Microsoft Word. You may also cut and paste from other documents saved in Microsoft Word.

  • Personal Property and Wood Burning Stove check boxes are provided for use in rural areas. If you need to save information about these items, just click each check box.

  • Last Updated: 12/30/08

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