Brokermint LITE

Classic Trak-It LITE (TM)©  

For Agents, Brokers, Transaction Coordinators, Escrow Assistants and Attorneys.

You may download a trial version from our web site.

a) Your own database for each property from.
b) Transaction management for each property.
c) NO annual or per transaction fee.
d) FREE upgrades for 1 yr from date of purchase.

A few of the many features of Brokermint

  • NEW Select from 6 Document, Disclosure or Tasks lists that are user defined for a property. There is no limit of how many documents or task names for each list.Search all properties by Address, Street Name, City, Price, SQFT, Bedrooms, Baths, Sellers Name and Buyers Name.
  • Automatic reminder of documents/disclosures due today right after you logon to Brokermint LITE.
  • New calendar to insert a date in all date fields.
  • New @ button to insert date, date-time, time or your pre defined text in any features or comment box.
  • Click on the print button to search for missing documents by a date or range of dates.
  • No annual or monthly per transaction Internet subscription fee.
  • Documents/Disclosure clauses can be inserted automatically for each property based on acceptance date.
  • No backup of property info to floppy disk to save data.
  • E-Mail listing information to another agent using Microsoft Outlook.
  • E-Mail integrated into all contacts using Microsoft Outlook.
  • View all properties in escrow with pending contracts, listing and rentals or closed only.
  • Merge escrow amendments, documents to buyers, buyers agent, coordinator, sellers, escrow/closing officer and listing sellers agent using Microsoft Word.
  • Load or unload user defined property documents or disclosures including due dates for Buyers Agent, Coordinator, Listing Sellers Agent and Escrow/Closing agent.
  • Send the following reports via E-Mail using OutLook for a selected property to any one. Condensed Property Detail Information, Missing Property Disclosures, Completed Property Disclosure and Due Dates for Property Disclosures.
  • Classic Trak-It LITE provides 20+ reports 20+ PDF reports you can preview or print.
  • A condensed property report with pertinent information for the selected property.Missing disclosure and/or company documents that are missing from the company file for selected property or all properties.Completed property disclosure list of documents for a selected property or all properties.
  • A sellers property check list.Completed property disclosure list of documents for a selected property or all properties.
  • Search by starting and ending date for documents or disclosures that are not complete for one or all properties.
  • Tickler report for all property documents/disclosures due today.
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    How much time have you wasted searching for information in your pending file? Can't remember the name of the seller's attorney, the appraiser's phone number, whether the termite inspection was completed, etc ? Brokermint LITE to the rescue. It's an easy and efficient way to keep track of everything in your file. This program will keep you incredibly organized, save you time, and ensure that your pending sales close.

  • It is a to the point software program, easy enough for even the most computer phobic out there. Just enter the details you want on your properties, buyers, sellers, attorneys, agents, closing/escrow agents, title companies, new and existing loans, utilities, appraisers, surveyors, contractors, inspections, insurance, and more. Disclosure fields are user-definable so you decide what's important to track. Disclosure clauses can be inserted automatically for buyers, sellers and escrow/closing agents when you add a new record. And, you may attach unlimited notes to each record.

    Brokermint LITE includes unlimited free technical support via E-Mail. Stay organized and ensure your pending sales close!

  • Brokermint LITe ships with a state of the art security system. You the user or administrator can decide what property information another user or guest can view.