Buyer Contact Management

Basic things to know about
Buyer Contact Management.

You must have Microsoft Office OutLook installed on your computer. OutLook Express is not a COM object!

Each system 'USER' sees and only has access to their prospective buyers.

  • List all of your prospective buyers and relocation company information.
  • Contact Management Buyer Prospects

  • Where all prospect buyer information is reviewed, added or updated. Shown below are 2 actual screens you will use. There are two tabs at the top you can click your mouse on for information. The 'List of Prospective Buyers' tab and 'Prospective Buyer Details tab.

  • Prospective buyer, relocation company and relocation contact information can be imported into the Buyers and Their Attorney form in Brokermint's Properties screen using the PickList / LookUp feature.

    List of Prospective Buyers Page Tab
    First graphic sample.

  • When you have prospective buyer contacts to make you will see this message.

  • There are 4searchable columns in asscending or descending order: Buyer Prospect, Referral From and Logon ID.
  • At the very top of the form in blue with white letters you will see the buyers name and user logon ID.

  • Notice that on Asc Buyer Prospect there is Asc for Ascending order. You can click on Asc and change the order to Dsc Descending order. You can change the order any time you want to.
  • If you click on the Buyer Prospect, Referral From, 1st Cont., 2nd Cont., 3rd Cont., 4th Cont. or Logon ID you can then set the sort order to ascending or descending.
  • Look For: Is a great time saving feature when looking for a buyer, referral company or appointment date. Which ever column is set for Asc > or Des < you can type in the buyers name, referral company or date and go automatically to that record.
  • At the bottom of the form there are mover buttons to move from one record to another. Also the Print Reports, Delete, Add and OK buttons. When adding a new property record, you will also see a Save and Cancel button.
  • With the Print Labels button, you can print address labels or 3 x 5 post cards to all buyers.
  • Any appointment with todays computer date will be highlighted in red.

    Prospective Buyer Details Page Tab
    Second graphic sample.

  • Use the tab key on your keyboard or your mouse to go from one field to another.
  • Any cyan field you see is a required field when you are adding or changing.
  • Use the calendar calendar button or type in the dates for each of your 4 contact dates.
  • You can click on the Write Letter to Prospective Buyer button to bring up MS word and create a letter to your prospective buyer.
  • You can use the E-Mail to send E-Mail messages to a buyer or relocation company contact.
  • Click on the button anytime you see for a quick insert of date, datetime, time or pre-defined text messages.
  • You can click on the Create Letter to Referral Contact Regarding Buyer button to bring up MS word and create a letter to your relocation contact.
  • Click on the Print Labels button to print address labels and 3 x 5 post cards to all buyers.
  • If the buyer is no long active, uncheck the Active Buyer check box.
  • Any appointment with todays computer date will be highlighted in red.

  • Last Updated: 12/28/08