New Web-based transaction management tool for short sales, REO's and normal real estate transactions.

Back office or branch office agent production reporting for listing, pending and closed sales with office net commission dollars.

Free CMA Tool. Comparative Market Analysis. Broker Price Opinion. Easy way to create CMA reports!

This program is for the agent or broker who wants a detailed property price opinion.

In this real estate market it is critical that all documents, disclosures, tasks are completed and in the company file.
BROKERMINT FULL Version - Back office agent production reporting for listings, pendings, closed sales, cancelled sales, advertising and transaction fees. Transaction management for all sales including REO and short sales. Back office agent commissions and team commissions disbursement reporting.

Brokermint LITE Version - Quick and easy transaction management for all sales including REO and short sales.

Telluride Softwae is dedicated in the pursuit of exemplary Real Estate relational database software solutions. Our staff includes exceptional visual object oriented database programmers with years of experience and knowledge.

Software must be easy to use and yet be able to provide all of the data and information that is needed. Our staff of Real Estate Agents and Brokers have a combined total of 100+ years in the real estate profession. They have spent countless hours making suggestions and testing our solutions to achieve perfection for you the user. As the real estate business changes, it is crucial that you the user be able to spend your time with clients. If you as an agent or broker are not 'Walking and Talking', you will not succeed in the real estate profession.

Extremely easy to use, Brokermint is completely adaptable to your office regardless of the state or county you're in. You can track all aspects of a property including 6 user-defined documents, disclosure or task due dates, based on listing or contract acceptance date. The program is flexible and user-definable. That means you can choose the types of documents, dates, disclosures, contingencies and tasks that you want the system to track. A complete system of alerts and reminders lets you know when an item is due or completed. You will stay incredibly organized with escrow status reports. Completed items are automatically marked and removed from your to-do list and calendar.

a) Scan multiple documents, view and print each or all documents, disclosures or task.
b) Agent and office production for listings, pendings, closed, expired, cancelled sales, advertising
and lock boxes by agent or office.
c) Use 1 or all 6 user defined document, disclosure or task lists for each property.
d) Daily tickler file of all documents, tasks or disclosures due each day.
e) Your own in office transaction management and back office database system.

Brokermint available for 1 user (or) 2,5,10,15,20 or 20+ concurrent users network systems.



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